The most effectively referred to contrast between the two lies in the technique for estimation of the Zodiac. Vedic crystal gazing utilizes basically the sidereal zodiac (in which stars are thought to be the settled foundation against which the movement of the planets is estimated), while most Western soothsaying utilizes the tropical zodiac (the movement of the planets is estimated against the situation of the Sun on the Spring equinox). Obviously, the antiquated rishis

about the tropical, season-based cycles of northern and southern declination ways of the Sun and utilized them additionally when fitting. However, in the well-known personality, the primary contrast between the two frameworks is that Jyotish utilizes the sidereal zodiac and Western crystal gazing utilizes the tropical.

Both Jyotish and Western conventions have existed for centuries. Vedic crystal gazing incorporates a few nuanced sub-frameworks of understanding and expectation consolidating one of a kind sacralized components not discovered somewhere else, for example, its particular arrangement of lunar manors (called nakshatras, including a pantheon of model gods).